The Playbook

OK, so what’s a ‘Brand Playbook’?

Think of it as your brand biography. 

Your go-to source of inspiration and clarity for everything about your brand and business personality.

It contains the 10 Pillars of Branding which form the very foundations of your business.

We’re not just talking logos here, this gets to the heart of what makes your business and brand unique.


Is this for you?

  • You have an amazing idea for a business, but being ‘creative’ isn’t your natural calling
  • Up to this point you’ve just ‘done it yourself‘ but keep changing your mind every 5 minutes
  • Maybe you already have a ‘brand’ but know it doesn’t represent you or resonate with your audience
  • You struggle to articulate what it is that you do, what your business is about and why you’re different
  • You’ve no idea what kind of content you should be creating for social media.

Feeling overwhelmed means we can flit from idea to idea, task to task and struggle to see things objectively.

Enter me.

How It Works

Week 1

We start off with a consultation session, which can be either in person in London, or via Zoom. This is where we go deep and I find out everything about you and your business.

Week 2

I then send you a write up of our session which contains the meat of your brand playbook. You have an opportunity to make any tweaks whilst I work on the visual elements of your brand.

Week 3

After you have approved the designs and sent back your document – everything gets compiled into your Brand Playbook and I will deliver any additional designs you’ve requested.



+ 90-minute consultation session

+ Follow up notes/recording

+ Moodboards/Font Pairings

+ Brand Playbook

+ Discounts on other services

Optional extras: Logo design/social media design

Kind words

I hired Becky as my branding consultant after meeting her at an event and having been impressed by her ability to understand my vision.

Becky had an initial consultation with me whereby she explored my vision further and asked pertinent questions to really understand my brand, story and ultimately what I wanted the business to represent.

After some follow up questions she then finalised my logo and playbook.

The logo was exactly what I wanted visually and the playbook has been invaluable in my branding and furthermore the starting of my business.

I am now able to refer to the playbook when I need narrative for content that I am publishing.

Becky understands my brand and vision and along with the work she has already done is a constant support in my business.

Misbah Malik | Orenda

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with you instead of doing an online course?

Online courses can be fantastic – I’ve done a heap of them! However, I believe when it comes to working on your own brand it can be very difficult to think objectively.

I’m here to offer direct feedback, advice and support. I will listen to what you say and read between the lines to help you find clarity.

What do I get in the Brand Playbook?

Your Brand Playbook will distil everything we discuss into one easily digestible document. You can use this to guide you on your journey of building your business.

Want to see an example? Pop me an e-mail via the contact form and I will happily send some over for you to look at.

Do you cover 'Marketing' strategies as well?

The short answer is no, BUT you will no doubt come away with ideas for your marketing anyway. It might help to think of it like this:

Branding: What you say

Marketing: Getting people to listen

Are sessions in person or held online?

Sessions are generally held online via Skype/Zoom but if you’re in Central London I’m happy to meet in person.

I haven’t started my business yet but I think I have a great idea, will this be useful for me?

Absolutely. If you have a strong sense of the business you want to create and an idea of the services you want to offer this can be a great starting point for you. Together we will build the foundations for your business.

Do you offer other Design Services e.g. Logo Design/Social Media Design

If you want a logo design beyond a simple font-based solution, I can provide this service. Likewise, I am also happy to provide design work for your social media – just ask!

Interested in the Playbook?

If you’d like to work together, please fill in the form below. I’ll get back to you and we can schedule in time for a ‘virtual coffee’ to see if we’re a good fit – no pressure! 

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