How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name

The Basics of A Domain Name

Firstly, so we’re clear – a domain name is the thing you type in an Internet Browser to view a website:

Choose Domain Name

You can purchase domain names from a variety of providers such as GoDaddy.com and 123-reg.co.uk. You will also eventually need to get your website hosted as well, but that’s a topic for a different day!

Choosing A Domain Name

Getting Started With A Domain

Wonderful – so you’re now ready to go ahead and start the process of purchasing your domain name.

You head to one of the providers, type in your brand name and… it’s not available.

Unfortunately, the days of being able to secure the ideal domain name easily are long gone.

It’s often the case that the domain you want has already been snapped up.

Even worse is when you visit the web address you want to see who your competition is and you see a page like this…

Side note – some people make money out of buying popular domain names and selling them on at a premium price!

This means someone has purchased the domain you want – but not actually used it. Pretty annoying right?

So what do you do now?

Well, you have 3 options:

Option 1: Approach the current domain owner

If the domain isn’t in active use there is usually an option to see if the current owner is willing to sell. This is usually managed by the domain name provider.

Upside: You can get the exact domain name you want

Downside: You will end up paying significantly more

Option 2: Investigate an alternative TLD (top level domain)

What is a TLD

The TLD (top level domain) is the last part of the domain name. Think ‘.co.uk’ or ‘.com’ and alternatives such as ‘.tv’ or ‘.photo’

Upside: Used carefully, it can make your domain name more memorable if relevant. An example would be a wedding photographer who opts for ‘perfectweddings.photo’

Downside: It might not suit your brand and could create a bad impression if used inappropriately.

Option 3: Get creative!

If you’re not totally committed to your business/brand name this an opportunity to change.

For example, I spent a long time coming up with ‘Kudobear’ for my brand name. Not only is it short and memorable and creates a fun, friendly impression – it’s also a made-up word! That meant zero competition for domain names.

Upside: The restrictions caused by domain availability can force you to be more creative and come up with something unique and memorable

Downside: If you’ve already established your business, it’s not an easy option as it could involve and entire re-brand.

Choosing the right domain name isn’t something you should rush. You should make sure you spend time doing your research to find out what’s already out there.

If you’re really struggling, you can join the Facebook Group and access the collective knowledge of our community.

Good luck!


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